Ivan Isekeev


A list of my strongest projects

A platform for publishing gifs, clips, stickers

As a frontend developer working on the platform, I faced several challenges that required me to think creatively and use my problem-solving skills. One of the main challenges I faced was ensuring that the platform was optimized for a variety of devices and screen sizes. This required me to be proficient in responsive design techniques and have a strong understanding of how to use CSS media queries and grid layouts effectively.

Personal user account

My work consisted of redesigning a design layout into a component system using vue.js. My task was to create components that could be used multiple times in the application, in order to reduce the amount of code and simplify the application support.

Boat booking application

The goal of this web application development project was to create a user-friendly platform for automating service appointments for my client's business using Vue.js, Koa, and PrimeFaces UI. The platform allows clients to easily make appointments online, streamlining the scheduling process for both clients and the business. The application was implemented with various features and functionality using Vue.js, Koa, and PrimeFaces UI, and integrated with the Yclients API to access schedule records and facilitate the booking process. My role required strong skills in web development and a solid understanding of designing and building web applications that provide value to users. Through my contributions, the end result was a web application that effectively solves the problem of automating service appointments and showcases my abilities as a web developer.

Customer relationship management

My project was the implementation of a typical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. My tasks included the implementation of multiple new pages for it to improve functionality and ease of use. I faced a problem that the code was well-documented, but it was difficult for me to understand how the class models worked. However, I had a lucky coincidence - I had a mentor for the project who transferred a lot of experience and I was able to master all the complexities and successfully complete the project.

Ivan Isekeev's personal website is built with Vue.js

Ivanisekeev.com is a personal website and brand, web developer. The goal of the project is to create a professional website, which will act as a portfolio for Ivan and promote his web development services.